Apartment Christ

The Christ apartment was originally a row of stables. Here, the landlord lived self-sufficiently looking after his cattle whilst working simultaneously as a lumberjack. His passion for wood and nature is noticeable in this rustic and lovingly furnished apartment. It is an open design with old ashlar stone and old wooden beams. The bathroom is decorated with tiles and the natural light with a walk-in shower give it a particular charm. A fully-equipped kitchen with induction hob, dishwasher, Nespresso coffee machine and much more awaits you. You can also relax and unwind while watching our modern flatscreen TV from the comfort of our lounge furniture or double bed. Room size: approx. 50 m²

Apartment Drien

The Drien apartment is our small loft. Here, many years ago the former landlady, Drien, kept the “Hooch” family together. As well as a few souvenirs there is a fully equipped kitchen with induction hob, dishwasher, Nespresso coffee machine and much more. In addition, the Drien apartment of course offers the possibility to relax and unwind. Unwind in the lounge chairs or the lavish double bed or relax in front of our modern flatscreen TV. You can even enjoy the small “wellness-oasis” in the form of a walk-in shower in the naturally lit bathroom. Room size: approx. 40 m²

Apartment Traud

This was formerly where apian enthusiast Traud kept her bees. With a modern charm this room has been completely revamped and now combines bee accessories with modern vintage style. The modern and fully equipped kitchen with induction hob, dishwasher, Nespresso coffee machine and much more invites you to stay awhile. You are also invited to relax and take a break with our small lounge furniture, flat screen TV and comfortable double bed. You can also relax with our small “wellness-oasis” in the form of a naturally lit bathroom with walk-in shower and your own toilet and urinal. Room size: approx. 40 m²

Apartment Marie

Delve into the world of flowers in apartment Marie. Marie once cared for her large garden, which was just outside the door. Her perfect roses and tomatoes are still legendary. In addition to memorabilia and a few accessories from the garden world, a fully equipped kitchen with induction hob, dishwasher, Nespresso coffee machine and much more awaits you. After a meal, enjoy a cosy break in the designer bed or on the comfortable lounge chairs in front of the modern flat-screen television. And if you need to cool down in the meantime, we offer you a walk-in shower in the daylight bathroom. Room size: approx. 40 m²

Apartment Haselwies

Apartment Haselwies is dedicated to its surroundings. The beautiful green countryside as well as the surrounding hills and valleys give the apartment its special features. The apartment is also completely new and furnished in modern style. In addition to a modern bathroom with walk-in shower, urinal and toilet, the apartment features a cosy bedroom with box spring bed and an open-plan living/dining area. In addition to a sofa bed which can be used by another person, this area has a spacious dining table as well as a small kitchenette with modern hob, refrigerator, baking oven and dishwasher. Enjoy the time in apartment Haselwies! Room size: approx. 38 m²

Apartment Schindelloft

The Schindelloft is an old attic in which we ourselves once experienced the adventures of our childhood. In addition to a spacious, modern bathroom, a nearly 50 square metre living/dining area with an open-plan kitchen awaits you. Here you can share the pleasant evenings in the Eifel region with a view of the Nürburgring. The loft features two large bedrooms with a high-quality double bed as well as a box spring bed, so that you have comfortable space for four people here. Enjoy the space and exclusive ambience of the loft, which has a total area of over 100 square metres. Room size: approx. 116 m²

Apartment Johanna

The apartment is dedicated to our Grandma Johanna and offers modernity, a homey atmosphere and considerable style at the same time. Equipped with a high-quality box spring bed and a small relaxation island, you can relax marvellously and enjoy the time in the apartment. This apartment also features a separate kitchen with induction hob, dishwasher, refrigerator and coffee machine. You can feel totally at home here. The separate, also completely refurbished bathroom rounds off the feel-good atmosphere. Room size: approx. 50 m²

Apartment Josef

Apartment Josef is dedicated to our Grandpa. He built the house in former times and lived in it with his wife Johanna. That is why the second half of the house is dedicated to him. Just like Apartment Johanna, Apartment Josef features a modern box spring bed, a separate kitchenette with the most modern furnishings and a bathroom that provides a sense of well-being. Here you can also relax in a small relaxation zone and enjoy the tranquillity of the Eifel region and the happenings around the Nürburgring. Room size: approx. 65 m²